On going research projects 2015

[1] Hanna Wickström. TeleUlcer (TUR) - Telemedicin and RUT (the Registry of Ulcer Treatment) - modern wound management for patients and staff.
The work involves four studies in a doctoral thesis (PhD) for H Wickström, general practitioner with RF Oien as a supervisor (Lund University, Faculty of Medicine).

[2] Carina Bååth. Evaluation of KUPP (Quality From the Patient’s Perspective). Karlstad University.

[3] Helena Andersson. A comparison of treatment with oral antibiotics, antiseptic dressings and standard treatment based on data from the Swedish national quality registry RUT.

[4] Lisa Karlsson. Does treatment with statins reduce wound healing time? A cohort study of patients with hard-to-heal leg ulcers.

[5] Anna-Maria Ursberg. Can particularly slow-healing venous leg ulcers be detected at an early stage? Data based on the Swedish national quality registry RUT

Planned studies 2015

[6] Gershater M, Oien RF, Apelqvist J. Complexity of factors related to outcome of diabetic foot ulcers: a study from the Swedish national quality registry on hard-to-heal ulcers.

[7] Åkesson, N, Josefsson M, Oien RF, Forssell H. Treatment with antibiotics for hard-to-heal ulcers – a comparison of patients in the county of Blekinge with patients in the whole of Sweden.

[8] Rut F Öien, Nina Åkesson, Charlotta Prahl, Pia Solsträte. Direct transfer of data from the patient’s medical record to the registry.

[9] Rut F Öien, Peter Anderberg. How can a simple bed-side app facilitate registration in RUT?